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The Stranger


Seven Characters will take over the “Gateway to the Negev” visiting center located in the old city in Beer Sheva and will lead anyone there into a unique ascap room.

The main characters will then pass the audience a series of personal exams, and riddles in a rollercoaster ride into consciousness.

The audience’s goal is to succeed in being happy, the winners will win the perfect existencial prize.“The stranger” escape room creates an encounter between our reality and involvement in our lives to the existentialist approach, this brings the escape room experience into the realms of absurd.

Whether you know it by heart or whether you've never been exposed to Albert Camus insights - The Stranger is a once in a lifetime adventure.

“The Stranger” is the first collaboration between the successful british “Fruit for the Apocalypse” and Clipa theater. The show is a part of the project “SHOW UK” and it  Premiered at the international fringe festival in Beer Sheva.

Directors: Ariel Bronz, Idit Herman, Harry Ross, Helen Scarlett O’nil

Participants: Harry Ross, Helen Scarlett O’nil, Idit Herman, Ariel Bronz, Oded Tzadok, Karnit Bason, Shadi Francise.

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