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Performance artist,  theater director, playwright, poet, teacher and house director of Clipa company, Tel Aviv

Born in Odessa 1984, based in Tel Aviv.

From 2013 Bronz teaches preformance and Shakespeare's works in 'Nissan Nativ' dramatic school, Tel Aviv.
His work span quickly gained him wide public and critical acclaim, and made him probably the most controversial artist in Israel today.
His plays have been presented in various theatres in Israel, Germany, Egypt, Canada, Brazil and Russia and won multiple awards. Bronz is the winner of Rosenblum prize 2018, for being an exceptional artist in Israeli theatre scene. In his work, Bronz tackles complex political topics and issues which tend to be repressed in society.
His targets of criticism vary from the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands, to its inevitable results: the militarism, violence, conservatism, and racism.


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