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Someone's home

"Hats off to Idit Herman and Ariel Bronz for an experiential accomplishment which I doubt if  the institutionalized theaters will ever manage to achieve in the heart of their audience"

Rona Navon "Bekivun Haruah"

Urban legends say that Bialik’s home is one of the most active haunted houses in the world, showing endless incidents of unexplainable activity.

Someone’s Home invites the audience on a supernatural musical and theatrical journey through the house and life of one of Israel’s most acclaimed writers, to welcome its inner demons.
The poems of Bialik have been carefully selected to accompany the tour of the house, in consideration of their original meaning, and weaved into different characters, which the visitor encounters from up close as he moves from room to room.
They gradually reveal details of Bialik’s private life; his famous hospitality, the grief over not having children, his beloved dog Kappi, the strict housekeeper, secrets and forbidden love affairs and the yearning for a pure source of inspiration, opposing the success and a life of wealth.
Someone’s Home is an exemplary work for reviving biographies and legends at any heritage site or historic building. It has been adapted and restaged at Bialik’s grave at Trumpeldor Cemetery in Tel Aviv to mark his memorial day.

Bialik - Bezalel Borochov

The Poet’s Wife - Anael Blumental

The Housekeeper - Yoni Tal

The Mistress - Adi Paz

The Poet’s Dog - Zvi Petrovski

The Troubled Artist - Rotem Katz

The Bird - Michal Esther Kazir

The show’s running time is 60 minutes

Poems: Haim Nahman Bialik

Direction: Idit Herman and Ariel Bronz

Original Texts: Ariel Bronz, Zvi Petrovski

Original Compositions: Bezalel Borochov, Yoni Tal, Rotem Katz

Musical Arrangements: Bezalel Borochov, Rotem Katz Costumes and Styling: Roni Shukrun and Idit Herman Choreography: Artour Astman

Main curator and manager of the museum: Ayelet Bitan Shlonaki

Beit Hair staff: Sivan Lustgarten, Yakir Ben Moshe, Nava Harel, Edna Desa, Shira Granit, Sagi Lichtenstein, Noam Bar

Production - Bialik Museum: Sivan Lustgarten | Production - Clipa Theater:Daria Prost, Zoya Bronstein | PR: Mira Ann Binart | Graphic Design: Itamar Hefetz | Photography and Editing: Daria Prost

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