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Pookland is the place we were all born at, and to which no one wants to return to.

Pookland is a hospital.

Mommy has someone in her tummy and is taken to Pookland.
A father and son are marching by the freeway on their way to Pookland to visit her.

When they'll arrive to Pookland, the son will be exposed to all the sick miserable souls living in Pookland, that stands in his way to Mommy.

When the son will finally reach her, he will discover she's no longer the mother he used to know, the fantasy world of Pookland will burst like a bubble and from that moment on he won't be a boy anymore.
A critical and political point of view on the sick reality we live in and deny to on a daily basis, while we look away from all that is sick around us, to the deception within us.

Performed at Tzavta and HaBair theater,  Tel Aviv, 2014-2017

By Ariel Bronz and Marina Beltov

Custome design: Daniella Mor

Set deign: Shira Weiz

Original music and melodies: Tami Barak

Lighting: Yair Vardi, Nadav Barnea

Make up and hair design: Tal Kalai

Assistant director: Tom Hodorov, Daniel Gal, Kai Korabelnikov

Actors: Alon Nechtigal, Suzanna Papian, Aviv Elkabetz, Tom Hodorov, Yossi Yarom, Danielle Gal, Lior Zohar, David Shaul, Dudi Ben Simon, Nitzan Levrtovsky, Haleli Nagar, Maya Wertheimer, Goni Rosenbaum, Ran Leshem, Yahav Wiener

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