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"Bronz has the ability to take the hebrew language and play with it so that comical or tragic scenes sounds like the best of hebrew poetry, despite the fact that they lack any connection to it. This is his language, common language, natural, not looking for solutions where there is none, and not finding them in places that perhaps others, like Nissim Aloni or Hanoch Levin have already found it.”

Zvi Goren


The man in this play is a serial killer doomed to die by a prison guard-judge-executioner, he has been sentenced to 55 minutes inside the pit before his death. There he will meet his final victim and the women of their dreams, like a dream of death, when you wake up she fads like she never existed. A truth that is an illusion, life that are death. perhaps reversed.


And then in the completely imaginary katharsis, the big and hurtful truth rises from the hidden depth of this beautiful play that every person is a never ending pit.


Winner of best costumes 2014

Winner of best lighting 2014

Nominee for best fringe play 2014

Nominee for best play 2014

Written by Ariel Bronz

Directed by Marina Beltov and Ariel Bronz

Costume Design: Shira Veis

Accessories: Oded Rimon

Music: Igor Krotogolov

Cheography: Marina Beltoc

Lighting design: Yair Vardi

Actors: Reymond Amsalem, Benny Eldar, Ariel Bronz, Jessica Kraz, Kai Karbelinkov

Producer: Sharon Shenar

Play manager: Ran Leshem


60 min

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