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״ I am afraid to recommend this show"

Michael Hendelzaltz' Haaretz

‘Love the Juice’ is a satiric performance piece targeting Israel’s incessant need to groom its image and sell it to the rest of the world. Its allegorical use of the zionist nationality stands as a warning sign to nationalities arising all over the world.

In the show, Bronz’s character presents itself: formerly a radical leftist dedicated to end the occupation, his opinions changed completely; One day, during intercourse with his palestinian boyfriend in an orchard, an orange hit his head. He had an epiphany and since then has become a radical right wing nationalist. He wishes to travel the world in order to glorify Israel and sell its commodities. For this sake, he has created a fund raiser in the form of a show. Its aim is to convince the audience to make a donation and hopefully even immigrate to Israel.

By artful manipulations, by an excessive use of the nation’s most eroded symbols and propaganda, Bronz uses patriotism against itself. Always on the verge of provoking a controversy, he assembles complex scenarios involving the audience: Its members must respond quickly, while every choice is valid and meaningful, dictating Bronz’s next move.

Written and directed by Ariel Bronz

Music: Yoni Tal

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