The shower stall

The play gives the viewer a peek to the difficulties Holocaust survivors has cope with while asking for the help they deserve.


The shower stall is a documentary play that entails the story of an artist, a Holocaust survivor’s son, that locks his neck as a protest for the failure to provide support for his father. The play is a reenactment of real events that occured during 2017.


The artist’s father (79), Boris, is a Holocaust survivor that has been begging for a long period of time for a nursing service he is entitled to by the “The Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel”. The service is destructing his bath, which he can no longer get into and replacing it with a shower stall.


The shower stall invites you for a Kafkaesque nightmare tour through the eyes of a Holocaust survivor’s son. A tour in the Israeli bureaucracy mechanisms, spreaded in the offices of government and social workers.

The play reaches a katharsis when the artists takes an unconventional path in his journey to echo his father’s plea. He locks his neck to the table of the head of the “Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel” foundation.

The injustice, personal and collective pain becomes an absurd play were all the words and events are portrayed exactly how they were in real life.


The shower stall wishes to wash and refresh the discourse around Holocaust and Holocaust survivors especially, and to encourage real and immediate action as long as the survivors can still get help.


Created and Played by: Ariel Bronz.

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