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Interrogation turns a dry, violent and humiliating practice into a stimulating work of contemporary art and harmless voyeuristic and even consoling entertainment. It employs militant and secret service interview tactics to publicly disclose the participant’s private details, starting with static personalia before gradually invading the personal space with questions about political views, financial status, medical background and romantic preferences. However, instead of using data to merely build a profile, to declare someone safe or a threat to the country, it converts the experience into a pleasant and social encounter.

Two members of the audience take part in each performance: one is the interrogated, who gets questioned by the performer by means of a questionnaire, another operates a camera that documents the procedure. Interrogation's questionnaire is adapted to the local policies, cultural, social and political happenings and customs.

Interrogation examines the boundaries of creativity and those of the audience participating in it. Moreover, by taking out the xenophobic elements of an institutionalized and invasive practice, and replacing it with it general interest, it creates expected encounter, intimacy and release.

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