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The tenant HAIMOVITZ


A poor young poet rents a crumbled and isolated apartment from an ambiguous landlord obsessed by the walls surrounding the apartment. Soon enough he discovers that thirteen psychotic roommates, including his monstrous parents, are occupying his flat, which transforms each time to someplace else: the beach / ministry of the interior / Interrogation Room / slogan factory / mental hospital / battlefield, and many  other places where there is no space for one who refuses to speak the right words dictated by the "Citizen Number One".

An absurd and mysterious journey into the Depths of a sick and split soul aspect of the Israeli society. The flat is an allegory of a country getting more and more involved in its own self destruction, divided by its growing paradoxes.

In a time of contradiction and madness, the only way out is to stay in but the only way to stay in is to get out of your mind.

"The Tenant Haimovitz” was created in 2011 in Tel Aviv by one of the leading theater directors and choreographers in Israel Marina Beltov and playwright-actor Ariel Bronz. Their encounter and partnership led to the emergence of a unique theatrical language, interweaving the arts of theater, text, dance, design and music.

Nominated for best satire of Israeli theater, winning award of audience choice at the “Victoria festival”, Best surreal show at “Edmonton festival” in Canada.
played at many theaters in Israel: “Tzavta theatre”, “Karov theatre”, “Tmuna theatre” in Tel-aviv, “Haifa theatre”, “Beer-sheva theatre”, “Dimona theatre”, “Batzir hadash” international festival at “Yavne theatre”, “Atid Hateatron” festival at “Tzavta theatre”,“Hahezrah kan” festival at “Karov theatre”.

Written by : Ariel Bronz
Directing and choreography: Marnina Beltov and Nathalie Shilman
Stage design and costumes: Shira Weis and Barak Ish Shalom
Music: Tami Barak
Technician: Kay Korbalnikov
Actors: Eyal Nagar, Ran Asulin, Raphael Kapustian, Ariel Bronz, Michal Korman, Naomi Levov, Jessica Kraatz.

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