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“The biggest cultural event of 2015”

Zvi Goren, Habama

Facility 27 offers detention under optimal conditions for radical artists. The facility allows presentation of degenerate, corruptive art in an isolated, secure space. It houses 15 radical artists at the historical City Hall, who present performance, installation and visual art, enabling the detained artists to repay the state treasury the support funds they have received in the past. Facility 27 therefore stands at the frontline of contemporary art while falling in line with contemporary state policies.

The artists were gathered by Idit Herman and Ariel Bronz, wardens of Facility 27, as artists who undermine the fundamental values of the Jewish-democratic state, and therefore instigators. The artists received summons for a three month detention at the facility during which they are given the opportunity to repay all the support funds they have received from the state over years of work. If they fail return the full amount in due time, they will face criminal charges of embezzlement of public funds, incitement and defamation.

During visiting hours, the facility’s detainees hold an exhibition and a fair, where they must sell the products and work they produced inside the facility walls. Visitors are invited to approach any artist, at any time, to purchase any of the products on sale. Outside visiting hours, Facility 27 serves as a museum offering a glimpse into the living and working conditions of the detainees.


Press (Hebrew)

Review by Zvi Goren, Habama

Review by Yair Ashkenazi, Haaretz

Review by Idit Suslik, City Mouse

Article by Guy Farhi, MAKO

Article by Naama Rak, TimeOut

Directors – Curators: Idit Herman and Ariel Bronz | Performing Artists: Anton Avramov, Yoav Admoni, Artour Astman, Betsalel Borukhov, Zoya Bronshteyn, Dror Liberman, Gal Volinez, Gabrielle Neuhaus, Rotem Nachmany, Daniel Pakes, Galia Pasternak, Oded Zadok, Michelle Ester Katzir, Ami Kam, Kazuyo Shionoiri, Oum Kultuv, Emil Tuva | Original Texts: Ariel Bronz | Costume Design: Idit Herman, Anat Martkovich, Svetlana Livshitz | Photography: Daniel Pakes | Graphic Design: Matan Shalita | Public Relations: Alon Rotman | Production: Zoya Bronshteyn | Special thanks to Efrat-Kowalsky Architects

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