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Who wants A ride on A camel?

A4_Who_want_a_ride_on_A_Camel_IMAGE ONLY
A4_Who_want_a_ride_on_A_Camel_IMAGE ONLY

"The character, appears for moments walking slowly around the audience, and then sometimes provoking it, and in other parts, contemplating within itself. In this underground cult atmosphere, where some audience is an active participant, and some are accidentally thrown into the encounter, a unique scenario is formed where racism, sexism and homophobia becomes the new politically correct. The audience which consisted mainly of minority group (LGBT, women, arabs, and foreigners) found themselves addicted to the scorn that rained upon them, submitting themselves to Bronz's caprices. There, forms an explosive atmosphere, where boundaries may be crossed and the camel could seriously injure himself - since the performance lasts long hours, the audience continuously in suspense. no action can break the magic, only arouse it."

Lia Maoz Bergman

An Anti-Star-of-David performance of live electronic music, forbidden poetry and funky terrorism.

Israel is the Levant’s gem, a steaming swamp of hummus. A sea on one hand, an orchard on another and between them are dunes and camels. The show rides upon the imagery of zionism, bourgeoisie, and the boredom of the bohemia, accompanied by live electronic music, in the disguise of a party in a dark bar. With pagan sleaziness of a damned saint, Ariel Bronz portrays a camel- dictator with an unstable gender, half prophet and half weirdo. The camel spits up chains of offensive-genius texts, to the sound of electro-magnetic live music and Violin, threatening the audience with explosive sexuality. The camel rides into the essence of eternal femininity, like a foul-mouthed macho- man. He lights-up the borders of

gender, leaving the term “drag” behind.

"Who wants a ride on a camel?" is an immersive cult performance, that premiered back in 2015 in the Anna Loulou bar and has since been performed dozens

of time all over Israel. The performance deals with politics of the middle east, representations of sexuality and of gender, violence and migration. Due to its live music, mixture of languages, rituals and ever changing wardrobe concepts, each performance is unique and different from the last. The performance is in English, Russian, Hebrew and Arabic

Performed and written by Ariel Bronz

Music: Simi Lee Jones

Costume design and styling: Idit Herman

A4_Who_want_a_ride_on_A_Camel_IMAGE ONLY
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