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Adults Only

"Ariel Bronz's new piece connects two worlds our society insists on saparating, and it is a lot more then a provocation"

Yael Segerski, Time Out

A theatrical experimentation involving elderly actresses and actors playing on the set of a pornographic film. The experiment challenges politically correctness, social norms and pre-judgments about sexuality and old-age.

The making of the film starring seniors stirrs laughter, moral dilemas and opens a disscusion about the right to exprience sexuality at every age.


Written and Directed by Ariel Bronz

Performed by Nancy Schneider, Dorota Biels, Miri Lerman-Beer, Yosefa Bat Gad, Daniel Luz, David Dario Israel, Telma Dim, Ariel Bronz & Karnit Basson. Written and directed by Ariel Bronz.

FOR 18+

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